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Cancelling Fixed Length, Invitation and Manually Created Memberships


Cancelling Memberships

Previously you could not easily remove a membership from a client if the coach used either the invitation feature linked to a membership or created their account manually and linked it to a membership. The client's account page did not show a "Cancel Button".

Fixed-length memberships could also not be cancelled without manually removing the client's benefits and suspending their account.

You can now cancel any type of membership linked to a client from the client's account page. This will cancel any pending payments and remove their access based on the specific membership being cancelled.


Membership Plan Dropdown Alphabetical Order

While testing the above feature we noticed the drop-down for a membership plan when inviting or creating an account for a client was using the "display order" field of a membership plan to order the list. This display order was designed for displaying a list of membership plans on sales pages but in this case, the order should be alphabetical so coaches can easily select the membership plan they wanted. The order of the dropdown is now alphabetical.