New updates and improvements to Training Tilt

  1. Default Unit Settings (km or miles)

    Coach Feature

    Coaches can now set a default unit setting so that all new client accounts will automatically have the configured unit setting. Clients can still change there own setting if they wish.

    Most coaches tend to have most of their clients in the same region so this will save time having to explain to new clients how to change their setting from kms to miles or vice versa in most situations.

    To configure the default setting go to "Settings" then "Client Settings" then set the default setting and click the save button.

    From now on all new client accounts will be set to this setting by default when they signup. If you are creating clients manually the setting in the new client form will default to this setting also.

  2. Sharing Workouts

    New Feature
    Coach Feature

    We've just release the initial version of our new workout sharing feature.

    When promoting your business and trying to gain traction online and on social media a good tactic is to share some of your workouts with your audience.

    This helps build trust and can generate good traffic to your website and lead to new customers.

    This is a good idea but it can be time consuming to create workouts in a way that can be shared with people that aren't already in your coaching platform to get access to your interactive workouts. Typically you need to create a web page, and or an image or a file that they can see in a social media post or download.

    In Training Tilt you can now share workouts from your library with anyone with a simple link. For now people will be able to see the workout as they would if they were an athlete in your platform. They'll be able to see any extra content like videos you've linked to your workouts and also see and download structured workouts to use on their devices.

    For now they won't be able to send the workouts to their Garmin's like they can as a fully fledged athlete in your platform but that's the next iteration of the feature we are working on.

    To share a workout first go to your workout library and click on the new "Share Icon"


    Then accept the message about turning sharing on.


    Now wait for the social media preview image to be generated. Training Tilt is busy generating a social media image that will be shown when you share the workout on Facebook, Twitter, LInked in etc.


    Once the image is generated it will show the title, volume and if it's a structured workout it will also generate the actual workout graph inside the image. The generated image will also show include your logo. By default the background color of the image will be the Training Tilt colors but if you are on a plan that allows you to customize branding you can edit the two background colors from Settings - Platform Settings and then the "Website and Design" tab.

    You can also choose to share the workout with miles or Km's if it includes volume in distance. Just flick the switch.


    When you are ready to share your workout, copy the link using the "Copy to Clipboard" button or copy the text of the link. Or you can right click on the square version and save it to your computer/phone so you can upload it as an Instagram post.

    Paste the link into a browser to see the shared version of the workout. This will work regardless of whether you are on a plan that includes a public website or not. If you have your website turned on this will display in a full website version, if you don't have a website turned on it will still show but without the website menu etc.

    Check out the example here on our demo site


    Once you are happy you can share the workout on social.

    If you are the first to share any sort of link on social like Facebook the preview image may not appear until you actually post it. To workout around this in Facebook you can use the Facebook Share debugger tool here first. Sometimes you need to run this tool a couple of times to get it to work.

    Now share the link on social to your audience.

  3. Duplicate a Membership Plan

    Coach Feature

    Often coaches need to create new membership/payment plans with many of the same settings as existing ones and creating them from scratch is time consuming and it makes it easy to miss some settings.

    You can now simply make a copy of an existing membership plan and then make the changes you need without having to start from scratch.

    To create a copy of the plan just use the "Create a copy" button on the membership plan list, type a new name click save and then make any adjustments you need.


  4. New Bulk Tasks for Member Management

    Coach Feature

    Under settings - bulk tasks there are a set of tools coaches can use to manage the groups and training plans their members have access to in bulk.

    We've added two more tools.

    The first tool allows you to add members who have access to a specific training plan to a specific group.


    The second task allows you to remove members from a group based on their membership of another group.

  5. Custom Content Pages

    New Feature
    Coach Feature
    Release - Custom Content Pages

    You can now use articles to create multiple items in your menu to represent any type of content. This is a great way to extend the functionality of Training Tilt for whatever purpose you need. You could use this for something as complicated as online courses or something as simple as creating a page for newsletters.

    The example below shows how you would use this to create a custom "Newsletters" page on your site.

    This works using custom "Training Categories" and "Custom Pages"

    First, create a new custom Training Category


    Now create a new article using this category and set "Hide from non categorized search" this will ensure the article does not appear in the main article list.


    Now create a custom page following our guide that shows only the articles with the "Newsletters" category.


    One you've created the menu item you will now have a new page that will show your newsletters (or whatever else you can think of) and those same articles won't appear on the normal articles page.


  6. Cancelling Memberships

    Previously you could not easily remove a membership from a client if the coach used either the invitation feature linked to a membership or created their account manually and linked it to a membership. The client's account page did not show a "Cancel Button".

    Fixed-length memberships could also not be cancelled without manually removing the client's benefits and suspending their account.

    You can now cancel any type of membership linked to a client from the client's account page. This will cancel any pending payments and remove their access based on the specific membership being cancelled.


    Membership Plan Dropdown Alphabetical Order

    While testing the above feature we noticed the drop-down for a membership plan when inviting or creating an account for a client was using the "display order" field of a membership plan to order the list. This display order was designed for displaying a list of membership plans on sales pages but in this case, the order should be alphabetical so coaches can easily select the membership plan they wanted. The order of the dropdown is now alphabetical.

  7. Social Groups

    The full social group feature is now available in the mobile apps. Previously the conversations from the social groups would be available in the mobile apps but not the social groups themselves. This enables clients to add themselves o social groups and start new conversations.

    Event Social Feeds

    There is now a button on an event which will take the client to the social feed for that event. Social feeds for events like social groups appeared in the main social feed on mobile apps but it was not possible to filter conversations by a specific event

  8. Hide Volume Metrics on Training Plan

    Coach Feature

    When a training plan is viewed by a client in their account or by a customer in a training plan store the metrics of the plan are currently shown based on time volume. This is ok if the entire plan is time-based but if some or all of the plan is distance-based then the metrics can be misleading.

    While we determine a better way to display metrics for distance-based or mixed distance/time plans it is now possible to hide the metrics of a plan to avoid confusing your clients about volumes that are not useful.

    To hide the volume metrics of a training plan edit the plan and select "Hide volume metrics" before saving.




    It is also now possible to choose Distance or Time for the primary volume metric for a plan. This is just in preparation for the next phase of this project.

  9. Social Group Improvements + Embedded Routes + Recipe Export

    New Feature
    Coach Feature

    Social Groups

    We've made some improvements to the Social Groups feature.

    1. You can now add a header image to a social group

    2. The Social posting for a Social Group now shows directly on the Social Group page instead of the extra click to the social feed.

    3. We've made some layout improvements



    You can now add embed code to a route and the route itself will appear on your routes page on the web and mobile apps.

    The example below uses routes from the RunGo running and routing app. It's just an example based on this cool app where you can even get voice-guided routes!

    The embedding will work with most apps that provide an embed code to use on other sites.


    Tips and Routes Category Filters

    You can now categorize both tips and routes and coaches and clients can filter by category to find tips and routes more easily.


    Recipe Export

    We've added a feature where you can export your entire recipe library to a CSV file.

  10. We've just added a new calculator to the list of calculators on the web version of the platform. We've also added a way to add custom pages to your site that will default the calculator page to a specific tab/category.

    Cooper Test Calculator

    The Cooper test is a 12 minute test that estimates a runners V02 max based on how far thye can run in that time period. It also provides a generalized rating based on the athletes age and gender.


    The calculator will be available on the mobile app in one of the next releases.

    Custom Calculator Pages

    You can now add custom pages to your clients private site or your public website.

    To create a custom page to default to a specific calculator tab you need to use the following url path. Note: You need to replace <categoryname> with the actual category you want to use. Once you know which url path to use you can follow this guide on creating custom pages

    For the members area


    For the public website


    Each tab has a specific category name you must use

    Training Zones

    /membership/calculators?category=training-zones or



    /membership/calculators?category=running or



    /membership/calculators?category=triathlon or


    Heart Rate

    /membership/calculators?category=hr or


    Sweat Rate

    /membership/calculators?category=sweat-rate or



    /membership/calculators?category=swim or