A couple of small improvements today.

Configurable Landing Page for Coaches

When coaches log in they are directed to the coaching dashboard page by default. Many coaches then navigate straight away to the client calendar or the client dashboard. As a coach, you can now choose which of these pages you want to be sent to automatically when you log in.

To set your page, go to settings from the top right-hand menu and scroll down to select your default landing page.


Click save to save the changes


Now log out and back in again and you should be directed to the new landing page automatically. If there is no athlete in context the system will automatically link you to the athlete with the latest activity.

Automatic Login for new Athletes

Previously when athletes created an account from a signup page or from an invitation they would still need to log in manually after they sign up even though they'd just entered a new username and password. No athletes are logged in automatically as soon as they have created their account.