Import Structured Workouts

We want to add the ability to import structured workouts that are exported as files from other platforms. Handy for coaches who use more than one coaching system or a migrating from another platform. The initial release will be probably ZWO (Zwift) and FIT (Garmin) file formats. Instead of having to build a structured workout manually you will be able to import a file and the workout will be generated automatically.

Cam Langsford
We are coding it now 🛠️


You can now generate structured workouts from existing zwo files which is Zwift's format for structured workouts.

This is a great time saver if you already have a library of structured workouts in other platforms like TrainingPeaks or from Zwift itself.

First you need to download the zwo files from the other platform(s) then you can upload them into your TT site.

There are two ways to upload.

1. As brand new workouts in your library

You can do this by going to your workout library then select the Import - Zwift (zwo) option.


Now you can select one or more zwo files to import as brand new workouts into your library. The import tool will use the name and description within the zwo file itself to generate the new workout and structure.

2. As the structured component of existing workouts

You can also upload individual workouts into existing workouts to generate just the structured component of a workout. You can do this from within a library workout, a workout inside a training plan or a workout inside an athlete calendar.

Fi,rst open the workout and go to the "Structured workout" tab and click Build workout


Now use the "Import" drop down and select "Build from Zwift file (zwo)"


This will upload the zwo file and then generate the structure for the workout.

Make sure you click save after uploading the file!

The next phase of this feature will be the ability to upload a structured workout file in the FIT format.