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Release - Custom Content Pages

You can now use articles to create multiple items in your menu to represent any type of content. This is a great way to extend the functionality of Training Tilt for whatever purpose you need. You could use this for something as complicated as online courses or something as simple as creating a page for newsletters.

The example below shows how you would use this to create a custom "Newsletters" page on your site.

This works using custom "Training Categories" and "Custom Pages"

First, create a new custom Training Category


Now create a new article using this category and set "Hide from non categorized search" this will ensure the article does not appear in the main article list.


Now create a custom page following our guide that shows only the articles with the "Newsletters" category.


One you've created the menu item you will now have a new page that will show your newsletters (or whatever else you can think of) and those same articles won't appear on the normal articles page.