Distance now Available in Structured workouts

New Feature
Coach Feature

We've just released the ability to use distance and time when prescribing structured workouts. You can set the entire workout to be time or distance or use a combination of the two. Check out my video showing how it works.


Workout Builder: Ability to use distance as well time for intervals

Currently intervals in the workout builder can only be configured with time. Distance should also be an option. We are working on the ability to use either Distance or time as the volume for entire workouts or a combination of both within different intervals inside a workout.

Cam Langsford
Shipped! it's live! 🚢



Also a few smaller items.


Taller Athlete selector so its faster to switch between athletes without having to scroll

longer list of athletes to enable faster switching between them under client dashboard have a longer list of visible athletes to enable faster switching

Mark P
Shipped! it's live! 🚢



Bug tabbing from lower to higher intensity in workout builder

When building a session in the builder if you want a higher % than the default, you have to tab to the higher end of the range and increase this, then tab back to the lower end to change this, would be quicker if you could simply set the % as you tab through.

Cam Langsford
Shipped! it's live! 🚢