Sometimes clients and coaches forget their unique login site url and come to the Training Tilt marketing website to try to login. Up till now we've just had a placeholder login page where we've advised visitors they need to login on their unique site (not our marketing website).

If they didn't know what it was they could also submit a request to our support team with their email or username.

We wanted to make this more automated so they could find their login page straight away wihtout waiting for support.

We've now updated the login page on our website to enable them to lookup their own site by entering their email address.

Sometimes people have accounts with more than one of our coaches so we handle this by showing them all the sites they have access to and then redirect them to the correct login page.



"Find my site" login page

Some the clients of Training Tilt coaches come to the training tilt site instead of the coaches unique site to try and login. In the past, we created a dummy login site on our marketing website where we would advise them that they need to login on to their coaches site not on our website but we also let them submit their email or username so we could look it up for them. However, sometimes they would need to wait a few hours or even a day or so if over the weekend for us to respond manually. We want to create an automated process so they can submit their email address and we will look up their coaches site and send them to the appropriate login page immediately.

Cam Langsford
Shipped! it's live! 🚢