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Garmin Workout Bug Fix


Quick note to say we've fixed a bug that caused workouts to be sent to athletes Garmin's without correct target information.

This only happened from the mobile app when sending an individual workout, send workouts 7 days in advance on the mobile app was not effected. Also sending workouts in any way from the web app was also not effected.

If any of your athletes report this, please just ask them to resend the workout from Training Tilt and then resync their Garmin Connect app with their device.

This bug also highlighted the fact that at least some athletes aren't aware they can send 7 days worth of workouts to their Garmin at once rather than one at a time.

More info on how to send workouts to Garmin here. Coaches can also trigger the send on behalf of their athletes.

 How to send workouts to Garmin from TT