Invitations for Multiple People at Once

You can now send an invitation to more than one client at a time. Saves a lot of time if you need to get an entire group of athletes into the system at the same time.

Simply type each email address seperated by a comma. e.g,,

Note: one thing to note is the fields like username, password, first name and last name will be ignored if you are sending an invitation to more than one person as there are only single fields for these which are obviously unique to a person.


Include Training Plan Dates in Invitation

You can now include the configuration and dates you want a training plan to be applied when the client accepts the invitation. These features won't actually apply the plan but rather set the default values for when they create or link their account to the invitation.

Sending Invitation

If you select a training plan as part of an invitation some additional fields will appear. You can choose to have the checkbox for applying a plan checked by the default, you can also configure whether the plan should be applied to a start or end date and also specify a date (make sure this is a Monday)


Accepting an invitation

When the client accepts the invitation the settings you configured in the invitation will be set by default but the client will be able to adjust them if necessary.