New updates and improvements to Training Tilt

Social Group Improvements + Embedded Routes + Recipe Export

New Feature
Coach Feature

Social Groups

We've made some improvements to the Social Groups feature.

1. You can now add a header image to a social group

2. The Social posting for a Social Group now shows directly on the Social Group page instead of the extra click to the social feed.

3. We've made some layout improvements





You can now add embed code to a route and the route itself will appear on your routes page on the web and mobile apps.

The example below uses routes from the RunGo running and routing app. It's just an example based on this cool app where you can even get voice-guided routes!

The embedding will work with most apps that provide an embed code to use on other sites.




Tips and Routes Category Filters

You can now categorize both tips and routes and coaches and clients can filter by category to find tips and routes more easily.




Recipe Export

We've added a feature where you can export your entire recipe library to a CSV file.