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Stricter Spam Filtering

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We've just implemented stricter spam filtering on coaches contact pages on their website. As well as the front end captcha filtering we've added some back end filtering that uses machine learning to determine whether the content of a contact message is spam or not.

It uses a number of different signals including the unique identifier of the computer submitting the request, the email of the sender and the body of the message itself.

Hopefully the machine learning will keep up with the latest spam tactics and common messages to keep the contact forms safe longer term.

We've also added some better monitoring so we can keep track of what's being filtered vs what's been allowed through so we can continue to tighten the controls if we need to.


Stricter Spam Prevention on Coaches Website Contact Form

Currently, we use Google "Captcha" to block bots from filling in contact forms with spam. Unfortunately, it has become common practice for spammers to hire real people normally VA's to fill in the forms manually which cannot be detected by the current methods. We need to add a stricter measure to prevent real people from submitting spam via the contact form without making it too difficult for real customers to be able to send a valid contact form.

Cam Langsford
Shipped! it's live! 🚢